MyEtherWallet. How to create account. Required for AirDrop!!

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I`m JokaJoka of Connect Material(@conemaru_btc).


In this article, You will explain the procedure of creating a Etherwallet.

Creation is free.

By the way MyEtherWallet is abbreviated MEW.


Creation procedure


You can get the EtherAddress in less than 10 minutes.


①Prepare the notepad

You prepare the notepad.

The title is MEW.


You write it in a notepad as shown in the image.





Private Key:



②Go to MEW

Go to MyEtherWallet(



You read all popup & click blue.



This is the last popup.

Click to Done.


③Password setting

When the pop-up disappears, it becomes the following page.

Make sure “New Wallet” is selected.

Enter the password.



Password must be 9 characters or more.

Write the entered password in Notepad.


 GET Private Key

Click  ” Download Keystore File ” .

And Click  ” I undersutand.Continue”.


Paste the displayed Private Key into Notepad.


Click “Print Paper Wallet”.



Take a screenshot and save it.

After saving, return to the previous page.

Click “Save Your Address”.


⑤Enter Private Key

How would you like to access your wallet?→Private Key

Paste Your Private Key→Paste from Notepad


enter like image and click on Unlock.



“Your Address” is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Paste Your Address into Notepad.



Your Wallet has been completed.

Notepad has become like an image.



You keep the notepad carefully.

PASS,Private Key and screenshot should not be taught to anyone.

You may release addresses beginning with 0x.


How to use (easily)


I tell you how to use MEW easily.


Choice “View Wallet Info“.

How would you like to access your wallet?→View w/ Address Only

Your Address→Paste Address

Click View Balance“.



Your information will be displayed at the bottom of the page.



Your Account Balance is 0 ETH.


When you join AirDrop, a token will arrive.

Tokens are not displayed on this page.

Click “Token Balances“.






When the token arrives, it is displayed in Token Balances.


That’s all.

I`m JokaJoka of Connect Material(@conemaru_btc).



御結びコイン x 黙ってガチホせんかい!!


毎日最大250PT(250 OmusubiCoin相当)を獲得できます。





この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


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